careers-photoWhy? Because we’re transforming an industry; and innovation requires excellence.

Ours is a team of leaders who seek to contribute their unique expertise to the design of ingenious solutions that effectively impact client performance. We boldly unite experience with advanced thinking. We are outliers who are driven to excellence, and impassioned to do what’s right. We are WCG.

If you would like to learn more about joining the WCG team:
See Our Open Positions here.

WCG recruits people who:

  • Are impassioned to protect others, and driven to do what’s right
  • Have the courage to invent unconventional solutions to difficult problems
  • Uphold absolute integrity- without compromise
  • Embrace responsibility and accountability as the foundation of leadership
  • Find satisfaction in the relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Believe that advances in science will help us to build a better tomorrow
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