Copernicus Group® (WCG) companies are united by a common element: the spirit of ingenious leadership.
Each company in our Group is a pioneer in its specialty, having inspired new ways of thinking and operating in the clinical research industry. And each company is a proven entity, with a demonstrated track record of success. As a family of companies, we embrace change. We have the courage to invent new solutions and the strength to do what’s right. We uphold the principles of quality and integrity, and are steadfast and unwavering in support of our clients. We are audacious and bold. We are WCG.
Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB)
Copernicus Group Independent Review Board (Copernicus IRB)
Midlands Independent Review Board (Midlands IRB)
Aspire Independent Review Board (Aspire IRB)
New England Independent Review Board (New England IRB)
ePharmaSolutions (ePS)
Clintrax Global (Clintrax)

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