“We chose the WIRB-Copernicus Group because we wanted to improve the quality of our human subject protection and to make our hospital more visible to research sponsors and CROs. By assuring the highest level of research oversight, we can better position our research institute to compete for industry-sponsored and government research. Growing our clinical research program is important; it means that we can attract the finest physicians, and provide our patients with access to the best clinicians and treatments.”inst-graydots
Phyllis August, MD, MPH
Director of the Theresa & Eugene M. Lang Center for Research & Education, New York Hospital Queens
optimizing-photoAt the WIRB-Copernicus Group® (WCG), we are fiercely committed to finding the best solutions for our clients. We value their success more highly than our own, and are committed to providing them with comprehensive solutions to accelerate growth, increase their competitive advantage, and ensure the long-term viability of their research programs.

Our solutions enable clients to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance of clinical trials. We help them to build greater efficiencies into their daily workflow and avoid unnecessary delays in the study start-up process. As a result of our guidance, they develop high-performing, growth-oriented research programs that attract top research talent, new patients, and increased industry sponsorship.

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