International Fellows Program

The WIRB International Fellows Program is training the next generation of global research leaders and strengthening research protections, ethics, and practices around the world.

Improving ethical research on a global scale

WIRB’s International Fellows Program is designed for global healthcare professionals who intend to establish or improve institutional review boards (IRBs) in their home countries. Our intensive program helps participants develop the knowledge necessary to create, manage, and/or administer IRBs that comply with the regulations and ethical standards that protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects.

The International Fellow Program was founded in 2002 in partnership with the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Washington. To date, more than 140 international fellows from across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe have graduated, many making significant contributions to the field of clinical research in their home countries.

Founded in 2002 in partnership with the WHO and NIH
More than 140 international fellows have graduated from the program
Participants from 23 countries

About the WIRB International Fellows Program


Intensive Training at WIRB and NYU

The International Fellows Program is hosted at the WIRB headquarters in Puyallup, WA and include two weeks of training in human research ethics at New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center in New York City. The Fellows will supplement their NYU coursework with practical training, mentorship and observation of actual IRB meetings at WIRB.

Following the first eight weeks of training, 6-month fellows are eligible to enter the review process to be appointed as a board member. The additional training that six month-fellows receive includes intensive training and a mentorship period about the role and responsibilities of being a board member, as well as in-depth exposure to IRB operations.

Program Training Objectives

Phase 1: Achieve a foundational understanding of the history, roles, responsibilities, and processes of human subject protection.

Phase 2: In-depth discussions on human subject protection provided by the Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Medical Center.

Phase 3: Training on relevant regulations, guidelines and guidance pertaining to human research subject protection, protocol review, the consent process, human subject populations, and safety.

More than 140 participants from 23 countries

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Meet the 2019 International Fellows

Summer 2019 Class

Anuar Mussimilov, LLB, MA
(The Republic of Kazakhstan)

Mr. Mussimilov is a Lawyer who also holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare. He is an attorney in the National (Central) Research Ethics Commission at the Ministry of Health in Kazakhstan; a position that he has held since 2014. Mr. Mussimilov is the lawyer-member of the CREC where his responsibilities include review of research protocols and other submitted documents to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations.

Hong Lu, MSc
(Republic of China)

Ms. Lu holds a Master’s degree in Social Medicine and Health Management and is the Vice President of Nanfang Hospital, a sub-division of Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China. In that capacity Ms. Lu is in charge of administrative affairs of scientific research, medical ethics management and drug clinical trial management. Ms. Lu is the Deputy Director of the hospital’s medical ethics committee and a standing member of the medical ethics committee for the Guangdong Medical Association.

Lina Xing, MD
(Republic of China)

Dr. Xing, a kidney specialist, has been at the Shanghai Putuo District Central Hospital since 2002 and is currently the Director of the Office of Drug Clinical Trials. In that capacity, Dr. Xing manages new drug clinical trials that will be conducted at her hospital. Dr. Xing has also been a member of the hospital’s Ethics Committee since 2013, and is a Standing Committee member of the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Committee.

Lian Xue, BSc
(Republic of China)

Ms. Xue holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Medicine and Health Management and is a staff member at the Nanfang Hospital, a sub-division of Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China. Ms. Xue has been the member secretary of the hospital’s medical ethics committee and is a member of the medical ethics committee for the Guangdong Medical Association.

Mbindo Eric Njunju, BSc, MSc

Mr. Njunju holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Biochemistry, a Master’s degree in Medical & Pharmaceutical Research and is a lecturer at the Copperbelt University in Zambia. Currently, Mr. Nunju is the Vice Chairperson of the Tropical Diseases Research Centre Ethics Review Committee – he was previously the Member Secretary for 4 years.

Mi Tian, BSc, MSc
(Republic of China)

Ms. Tian holds a Bachelor’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Master’s Degree in Pharmacognosy and is the Associate Chief Pharmacist at the Kunming General Hospital. Ms. Tian is the Member Secretary of the hospital’s Research Ethics Committee.

Orawan Silpakit, MD, PhD

Dr. Silpakit is a Neurologist who works at the Srithanya Hospital, Department of Mental Health under the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. also holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. Dr. Silpakit has been the Chairperson of the hospital’s IRB since 2009 ad is the Secretary of the Department of Mental Health’s IRB since 2017. Dr. Silpakit also holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies.

Pamela Selormey, BSc, MSc

Ms. Selormey has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, a Master’s Degree in Health Research Ethics and is the administrator for the IRB of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in Ghana. In this capacity, Ms. Selormey is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IRB. Starting in 2017, Ms. Selormey is also a research assistant at the Biomedical and Public Health Research Unit working on a project related to the control and elimination of schistosomiasis and soli transmitted helminths in Ghana.

Spring 2019 Class

Alyzza Vienn Eclavea, BA
(The Philippines)

Ms. Eclavea holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in area studies and is currently a Research Fellow with the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. In this capacity, she is tasked with identifying research gaps in health policy, developing and designing health policy and systems research addressing the identified gaps, and developing policy brief, notes and other knowledge products to influence policy-making. Ms. Eclavea also provides administrative support to the Single Joint Ethics Review Board at the Department of Health.

Annette Namangale, MPH

Mrs. Namangale holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Public Health. Currently, she is the Deputy Administrator of the Department of Research in the Ministry of Health where her responsibilities include reviewing applications for compliance, attending IRB meetings and maintaining IRB records.

Bishnu Ram Das, MD, MBBS

Dr. Ram Das is a Physician whose specialty is in Community Medicine. He is the Professor and Head in Community Medicine at the Jorhat Medical College, Jorhat, Assam. Currently, Dr Ram Das is a Member Secretary of the IEC at the Jorhat Medical College (a role he has had since 2014) and was previously the Member Secretary of the IEC at the Assam Medical College.

David N. Wanjeri, MPhil, MSc

Mr. Nderitu holds both a Masters in Philosophy and Masters in International Health Research Ethics. His currently an Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy at Egerton University in Kenya, and is also a member of the University’s Research Ethics Committee. Mr. Nderitu is also a member of the Bioethics Society of Kenya (BSK).

Ibrahim Kedir, MPH

Mr. Kedir has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (MPH) with more than ten years work experience in health service programs and health research. He is an Associate Researcher at the Ethiopian Public Health Institute., and has been a member and secretary of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the institute since April 2015.

Jessa Mae Virtudazo-Duque, RN
(The Philippines)

Ms. Virtudazo holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is currently working on her Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Epidemiology. At present, she is the Assistant Coordinator of the University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board. In that capacity her responsibilities include overseeing the UPMREB review process and secretariat operations, training new staff and providing consultation services to Principal Investigators.

Julia Gaorekwe, BA

Ms. Gaorekwe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Demography at the University of Botswana. Ms. Gaorekwe is the Admin for the University of Botswana’s Socio-behavioral IRB and in that capacity her duties include reviewing undergraduate proposals, training students and staff on research ethics and maintaining IRB records. Julia is also a member of the African Research Integrity Network (AFRIN).

Subhashini Gopal, MSc, M. Phil

Ms. Gopal holds dual Masters Degrees in Psychology and is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology. She is a Psychologist and Coordinator of Psychological Services at the Schizophrenia research Foundation (SCARF) in Chennai, India. Additionally, Ms. Gopal is the Member Secretary of the SCARF IEC where she provides administrative tasks to support review meetings, conducts ethics training and maintains IEC records.

Alumni of the WIRB International Fellows Program

January – June 2003

  • Punkae Mahaisavariya (Thailand)
  • Roli Mathur (India)
  • Chaichana Nimnuan (Thailand)
  • Suthee Paninchkul (Thailand)

October 2003 – March 2004

  • Sangkae Chamnanvanakij (Thailand)
  • Ock-Joo Kim (South Korea)
  • Panuwat Lertsithichai (Thailand)
  • Patricia Sorokin (Argentina)
  • Cristina Torres (Philippines)

June – December 2004

  • Shu-Yu Chen (Taiwan)
  • Supatra Sirichotiyakul (Thailand)

January – June 2005

  • Shitaye Alemu Balcha (Ethiopia)
  • Paul Kumaran (India)
  • Bakhyt Sarymsakova (Kazakhstan)
  • Rong Wu (China)
  • Di Xue (China)

July – December 2005

  • Teh-Min Hu (Taiwan)
  • Orapin Laosee (Thailand)
  • Renato Manaloto (Philippines)
  • Thawee Songpatanasilp (Thailand)

January – June 2006

  • Yemane Teklai Abreha (Ethiopia)
  • Young-Mo Koo (South Korea)
  • Hai-Tao (Heidi) Liu (China)
  • Zhi Qing Yu (China)

July – December 2006

  • Sahaphol Anannamcharoen (Thailand)
  • Xin Guan (China)
  • Jin Huang (China)
  • Ihnsook Jeong (S. Korea)
  • Yimtubezinash Woldeamanuel Mulate (Ethiopia)
  • Kwanchanok Yimtae (Thailand)

January – June 2007

  • Ina Pogonea (Moldova)
  • Hee-Young Shin (Republic of Korea)
  • Lalita Savardekar (India)
  • Vijay Kumar (India)
  • Hwei-Ling Lee (Taiwan)

July – December 2007

  • Myungho Oh (Republic of Korea)
  • Geeta Jotwani (India)
  • Ya-Hui Su (Taiwan)
  • Rachakulla Hari Kumar (India)
  • Meenakshi Sharma (India)
  • Surasak Tanudsintum (Thailand)

July – August 2007

  • Byung Soo Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Cheol Ho Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Hong-Ji Song (Republic of Korea)
  • Jeong Sang Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Shin ik Kang (Republic of Korea)
  • Sun Uk Song (Republic of Korea)

January – June 2008

  • Paschal Awah (Cameroon)
  • Qi Lu (China)
  • Hsiang Luk (Taiwan)
  • Agueda Munoz (Peru)

July – December 2008

  • Kwai-Fong (Doris) Lee (Taiwan)
  • Ratana Komwilaisak (Thailand)
  • Ge-Yong Son (Republic of Korea)
  • Eugene S. Rogov (Russia)
  • Rosine Rachel Djokam Tamo (Cameroon)

January – February 2008

  • Hyeon Woo Yim (Republic of Korea)
  • Mi Kyung Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Sun Ju Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Sung Yeul Yang (Republic of Korea)
  • Tae Hyun Um (Republic of Korea)
  • Yong Seok Lee (Republic of Korea)

July – August 2008

  • Sung Ran Cho (Republic of Korea)
  • Sung Hyun Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Yi-Jong Suh (Republic of Korea)
  • Young-Ran Yoon (Republic of Korea)

January – June 2009

  • Rene Cabrera (Peru)
  • Sonia Caceres (Peru)
  • Fung-Wei Chang (Taiwan)
  • Bong Seog Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Hernan Pacheco (Peru)

July – December 2009

  • Sriwimon Manochiopinig (Thailand)
  • Hyun Il Choi (Republic of Korea)
  • Nutjaree Pratheepawanit Johns (Thailand)

January – February 2009

  • Deok-Soo Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Joon Mee Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Tae Kyung Lee (Republic of Korea)

July – August 2009

  • Bong Sun Kang (Republic of Korea)
  • Sung Hwan Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Hong Gwan Seo (Republic of Korea)
  • Im Hee Shin (Republic of Korea)

January – June 2010

  • Airi Han (Republic of Korea)
  • Pollyana Magalhaes (Brazil)
  • Phanthipha Wongwai (Thailand)

July – December 2010

  • Jang Han Kim, (Republic of Korea)
  • Pannee Banchonhattakit (Thailand)
  • Bailu Wang (China)

January – February 2010

  • Hyoung-June Im (Republic of Korea)
  • Hee-Yeon Woo (Republic of Korea)

July – August 2010

  • Hyuna Bae (Republic of Korea)
  • Jung Hye Kwon (Republic of Korea)
  • Byung-Cheol Lee (Republic of Korea)
  • Jeongbin Yim (Republic of Korea)
  • Yu-Chi Hsieh (Taiwan)

January – June 2011

  • Yuan Huiyun (China)
  • Mohammed Abul Kalam (Bangladesh)
  • Soo Hun Park (Republic of Korea)
  • Supatra Porasuphatana (Thailand)
  • Chanchai Traivaree (Thailand)

July – December 2011

  • Valentine Ingabire (Rwanda)

January – February 2011

  • Ryang-Soon Lim (Republic of Korea)
  • Sung Shin Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Won Oak Kim (Republic of Korea)

July – August 2011

  • Jeong-Lan Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Yong-Jin Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Yun Nam Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Chih Han (Michael) Lin (Taiwan)
  • Eunhee Shin (Republic of Korea)

January – June 2012

  • Yee Soo Chae (Republic of Korea)
  • Raveewan Choontanom (Thailand)
  • Dal-Seok (David) Oh (Republic of Korea)

July – December 2012

  • Ya-Hsueh (Julia) Lu (Taiwan)
  • Jiang Yifeng (China)
  • Chunfang Wang, M.D. (China)
  • Busaba Supawattanabodee (Thailand)
  • Hongrong Xu (China)
  • Mengjie Yang B.S. (China)

January – February 2012

  • Eunyoung Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Myung-A Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Yeon Soo Kim (Republic of Korea)
  • Young Yoo (Republic of Korea)

July – August 2012

  • Busaba Supawattanabodee (Thailand)
  • Hye Jin Lee (Korea)
  • Mengjie Yang (China)
  • Sung Kwang Park, MD, PhD (Korea)
  • Xu Hongrong (China)
  • Yang-Seok Chae, MD, PhD (Korea)

July – December 2013

  • Swangjit Suraamornkul (Thailand)
  • Hongguang (Jo) Zhou (China)
  • Jemee Tegli (Liberia)
  • Utcharee Intusoma (Thailand)

July – August 2013

  • Kyong-mee Chung, Ph.D. (Korea)
  • Bai Hua, MD (China)
  • Kanyarat Katanyoo, MD (Thailand)
  • Wu Jing, MD (China)

June – July 2014

  • Chai Yi (China)
  • Chen Xiaoyun (China)
  • Mingjie Zi (China)
  • Huili Zhou (China)
  • Ragini Kulkarni (India)
  • Veena Joshi (India)
  • Saowalak Turongkaravee (Thailand)
  • Yupaporn Amornchaicharoensuk (Thailand)
  • Cui Yan (China)

June – July 2015

  • S. Benedict Dossen (Liberia)
  • Naah Tabala Felicite (Cameroon)
  • Lu Wang (China)
  • Budsaba Wiriyasirivaj, MD (Thailand)
  • Hongrong Yang (China)
  • Fredy Canchihuaman (Peru)

June – November 2016

  • Chiedozie Ike, MBBS (Nigeria)
  • Wang Mao (China)
  • Isaac Quaye, PhD (Namibia)
  • Tao Shi (China)

June – July 2016

  • Chen Xiao Wang, MD (China)
  • Mingyan Hei, MD (China)
  • Perihan Elif Ekmekci, MD, PhD (Turkey)
  • Qosay Al-Balas (Jordan)
  • Olinda Timms, MBBS (India)

March – August 2017

  • Anand Vijayakumar (India)
  • Evelyn Owusu (Ghana)

March – May 2017

  • Congxiao Lu (China)

June – July 2017

  • Basutli Ramontshonyana (Botswana)
  • Chunyan Guo (China)
  • Ru “Doris” Duan (China)
  • Jing “Crystal” Wang (China)
  • Brogen Singh Akoijam (India)
  • Barbara (Mikee) De Guzman (Philippines)

March – August 2018

  • Towera Banda (Malawi)
  • Weiwei Zhu (China)

March – April 2018

  • Geremew Tsegaye (Ethiopia)
  • Hong Zhen (China)
  • Krittaecho Siripassorn (Thailand)
  • Sangita Sukumaran (India)
  • Pio Justin V. Asuncion (Philippines)
  • Yelena Shevchenko (Kazakhstan)

June – July 2018

  • Banu Gokcay (Turkey)
  • Dominic Dadzie (Ghana)
  • Joshua Akanyonge (Ghana)
  • Philomina Amartey (Ghana)
  • Rebecca Kubanji (Botswana)
  • Saniya Saussakova (Kazakhstan)