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Considering that 80% of clinical trials run behind schedule, it pays to look hard from the outset at the sites you engage to conduct your study. Too often, sponsors rely on traditional methods of site selection by working within limited data sets that do not yield positive trial results.

Schedule a WCG Consultation to discover how leading sponsors and CROs are using the WCG Knowledge Base™ to improve speed and the probability of success for clinical trials via deep intelligence on investigators and live studies.   

The Portfolio Optimization Strategy & Planning Consultation is a 1-hour session, led by our experts. During this interactive session we’ll use real-time data to answer your key study questions. You’ll gain valuable insights you can immediately use to drive greater success for your current or upcoming programs. Upon registration for your session, you can submit a current or upcoming study of concern, which we’ll analyze during our meeting.

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Gain valuable insights from the industry's most comprehensive knowledge base

SiteView is part of the WCG Knowledge Base: our proprietary decision engine with trusted, FDA-validated data on 95% of all industry-sponsored research, enrollment performance on 85% of all FDA-regulated investigators, and demographic and performance metrics for more than 140,000 global investigators.

With the WCG Knowledge Base, our clients and partners are accelerating their clinical trial timelines thanks to intelligent, data-driven decisions in each phase of the clinical trial.

Access the WCG Knowledge Base for your study

Find your study’s best-match sites

Many of our Sponsor clients are actively updating and/or expanding their site networks to better align to their study execution. Our Site Matching module aligns our proprietary Site- and Investigator-based study execution data against your planned and active studies to provide a more strategic alignment against your full portfolio.  Engaging with your best-fit sites dramatically improves your likelihood of success.

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Screenshot of sponsor-institution match report.

Screenshot of concurrent open studies report.

See competitive landscape at each site

Many sponsors and CROs are unaware of the number of studies currently being executed at their selected sites. SiteView provides a cricital view into the competitive landscape at each site, letting you pro-actively adjust or augment your site selection to meet your enrollment goals and timelines.

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Uncover investigator study concentration

SiteView can show you the number of open studies investigators are running, by therapeutic area. Knowing study concentration at the investigator level proves invaluable in planning and enrollment management, as many investigators have limited resources to effectively handle concurrent studies in the same therapeutic area.

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Screenshot of site and study concentration report.

Featured experts from our Portfolio Optimization Strategy & Planning team

Nicholas Slack, MBE

EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, WCG

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Lindsay McNair, MD, MPH, MSB

Chief Medical Officer, WCG

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Jill Johnston

President, Site Activation, WCG

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Jeff Litwin, MD

Chief Operating Officer,

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Jonathan Zung, Ph.D.

President, Clintrax and Advisor to CEO, WCG

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Suzanne Caruso

Vice President, Clinical Solutions, WCG

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Linda Sullivan, MBA

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Metrics Champion Consortium

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Mark G. A. Opler, PhD, MPH

Chief Research Officer, WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

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Sofija Jovic, PhD, MBA

Business Transformation Advisor, WCG MedAvante-ProPhase

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