Global Engage is pleased to announce the 3rd Global NASH Congress 2020, and colocated Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and NAFLD Symposium which will be taking place 10-11 February 2020 at the London Heathrow Marriott. This established meeting featuring over 60 individual talks, panels and roundtable discussions has been purposely designed to facilitate collaboration and attract attendance from the multiple communities working on NASH, NAFLD, obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It has the USP of attracting multiple stakeholders including KOL, investigators, academia, pharma, providers and regulators, whose aim is to tackle the often overlooked NASH epidemic as well as overlapping areas and develop ground breaking and impactful treatments for patients.

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The meeting will focus on several key themes:

• Regulatory Updates, Commercialization and Payor Perspective
• Optimising Preclinical & Translational Strategy / Models
• Non Invasive Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tools
• New targets for the treatment of NASH/ Fibrosis / NAFLD
• Recent updates in NASH Pathogenesis
• Emerging research and treatment areas – Novel targets and pathways, GLP-1 etc
• Clinical Development & Trial results / design / optimization
• Prevention and control / Nutrition and lifestyle
• Ties between obesity, diabetes and NAFLD
• Role of liver and NAFLD in insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
• Organ communication between diseases

Connect with WCG at the conference

  • Please see below for a list of WCG’s speaking sessions at the event.

WCG Speaking Sessions at NASH Congress 2020

February 11th

Endpoint Adjudication Best Practices for NASH Trials
11:25 AM – 11:55 AM
Speakers: Dr. Jonathan Seltzer
Chief Scientific Officer, WCG

Dr. Bindi K. Shah
Chief Medical Officer, WCG ACI Clinical