Breakfast Roundtable: Clinical Trials in the Era of Precision Medicine

Join WCG and our Roundtable panelists for a discussion on Thursday, November 8th, as we explore the use and impact of genetics in clinical trials, the positive impact on trial recruitment and execution, as well as the challenges associated with this approach. Click here to register.

Our speakers will lead the discussion on:

  • How and why are companies optimizing the genetic underpinnings of clinical trials in the era of precision medicine?
  • What areas of clinical trials are most heavily influenced by precision medicine?
  • What value does a focus on genetics bring to an investigational drug?
  • How can investigators overcome the challenges of not knowing how to best apply genetic expertise to a study?
  • What are examples in which genetic and clinical development solutions have been used to optimize the design of trial protocols to ensure all genetic information is applied to the study in an optimal fashion?


Tricia See, ScM, CGC
Cardiac & Neurogenetics Team Lead, InformedDNA

Lindsay McNair, MD, MPH, MSB
Chief Medical Officer, WCG Clinical Services

Jill Johnston
President, Site Activation, WCG Clinical Services