The Power of More: Re-imagining the Traditional Business Model for Oncology Clinical Research

Webinar for Research Institutions

About the Webinar

Rising costs. Shifting resources. Increasing pressures. “New Normal” virtual settings. Critical challenges provide ample opportunity to re-imagine the traditional business model for clinical research. Motivated clinical research leaders want increased focus on patient care, faster study starts, more patient access to trials and better performance – while reducing costs and staffing burdens.

Join us to hear from Franciscan Health as to how they have navigated the changes in the traditional business model and incorporated unique solutions to enhance efficiency while ensuring quality and compliance.

What You’ll Learn

During this 45-minute webinar, you’ll hear Franciscan’s case study and pick up key strategies to engage more clinical trial patients, access more studies, and maximize revenue.

We’ll also cover key topics, including:
• Differentiating your oncology clinical trials program
• Practical approaches to increase patient focus during clinical trials conduct
• Improving target study activation timelines

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