The Virtual Pharmacovigilance Workshop will be a robust, informative and professional discussion about the future of pharmacovigilance. Topics of interest include the role of stakeholders in shaping the informational needs, system responsiveness, production of real-world evidence, incentives and barriers to investment into automation and AI tools, the monetary value of safety information, patient privacy issues and innovative approaches toward generating evidence. Click here to register.

Steven Beales, Senior Vice President, Safety Solutions, Scientific and Regulatory Review, WCG, will be a featured speaker in this Virtual Workshop.

  • Stakeholders’ information requirements
  • Benefit:risk profile assessment
  • Nature of evidence in PV
  • Real-world data / real-world evidence
  • AI, machine learning, automation
  • Financial impact of Adverse Drug Events
  • Monetary value of safety information
  • Patient privacy
  • Incentives and barriers to investment