Increasing Diversity and Equity in Medical Care and Clinical Trials

The Fall 2021 WCG Patient Forum provides a set of best practices and solutions for reducing systemic racism and implicit bias in healthcare settings to create trust and reduce access barriers to medical care and participation in clinical trials.

Join us on Wednesday, November 10th from 4-6 pm ET to learn about strategies for diversifying clinical trial enrollment, retaining minority patients, and the basics of providing quality healthcare to underserved and vulnerable populations.

Our diverse team of industry experts will discuss topics such as:

  • Working with communities and their trust-bearers to remove access barriers.
  • Adapting minority patient engagement approaches in clinical settings and community safe spaces.
  • Collaborating effectively with patient advocacy groups and community organizations.
  • Engaging with minority patients to effectively educate and communicate with appropriate language, culture, and consideration of community characteristics.
  • Building cultural competency and a dialogue around diversity as a standard across your clinic or institution.
  • Encouraging and mentoring minority students and young professionals to pursue careers in medicine, healthcare, and clinical research.
  • And more…

This event is designed for experienced medical, clinical research, and public health professionals, as well as students and young professionals considering careers in these fields. Come learn what you can do to make a difference and register today!