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About the Webinar

There is a significant and largely unmet need for therapies that treat pain in rare conditions. Many rare disorders, including erythromelalgia, sickle cell disease, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, are accompanied by chronic, intractable pain that can grow worse as the condition progresses.

Traditional pain medications may not be an option for people with some rare conditions. One example is hemophilic arthropathy, a painful and degenerative joint disease in patients with inheritable bleeding disorders. People with hemophilic arthropathy cannot take traditional NSAIDs, and limited treatment options force many to live with pain or resort to opioids.

It’s imperative that the clinical trial ecosystem – sponsors, CROs, researchers, sites, and patient advocates – work together to develop new therapies for rare pain conditions. This webinar underscores the importance of cross-stakeholder collaboration, including the patient perspective, to advance the development of therapies for rare pain disorders.

Meet the Speakers

Brad Sippy, Founder & CEO of Tremeau Pharmaceuticals will share some of the challenges and opportunities Tremeau has faced in its quest to develop a drug for hemophilic arthropathy.

Nathaniel Katz, MD, Chief Science Officer of WCG Analgesic Solutions will offer an overview of pain and how it is classified.

Steve Smith, WCG’s President of Patient Advocacy will discuss the vital role of the patient voice in drug development.

Lakiea Bailey, PhD, a sickle cell disease advocate, educator, and research scientist will share her experience with the disease.

Sarah Bekins Tompkins, a rare-disease advocate, and Ms. Wheelchair Pacific Coast USA, will talk about living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.