Global Research Network Site Membership Application


Join the WCG Global Research Network™

Membership in the WCG Global Research Network™ provides access to sponsors and peer sites for collaboration and visibility.

Through WCG’s unique relationship with sponsors, CROs, research sites, and patient advocacy groups, GRN member sites will also have access to roundtables with potential sponsors, exclusive webinars, MAGI meetings, Centerwatch, WCG Insights, and benchmarking data.

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GRN Members achieve significant value in advancing their clinical research programs:


increase in clinical trial operating margins

increase in trial enrollment rates

growth in trial participation rates

Global Research Network Site Membership Application

GRN Membership Benefits:

As a member of the GRN, you will receive:

Visibility to Sponsors/CROs: In the conduct of our site advisory services, WCG regularly provides sponsors and CROs with visibility to GRN Member’s capabilities and clinical research interests – thus allowing WCG to better position GRN Member to receive industry-sponsored trials.

Insights: GRN Member receives complimentary access to certain clinical trial information, enabling GRN Member to benchmark various performance measures across the clinical trial landscape including the periodic publication of the WCG Insights Report.

Professional Development Events: WCG will invite GRN Member to participate in webinars, roundtables and numerous thought leadership events. During these events, GRN Member agrees to share best practices, perspectives, and practical information on clinical trial matters. WCG will also include sponsor and CRO representatives, from time to time, to encourage knowledge exchange and to promote GRN Member as recognized partners to the industry. In addition to these events, GRN Member will also receive discounts to attend MAGI’s Clinical Research Conferences.

Resources: CenterWatch is a trusted source for clinical trial information. As a GRN Member, you are entitled to free subscriptions to CenterWatch Weekly and CenterWatch Monthly.

GRN Member Obligations:

You must rely on the sponsor chosen WCG-affiliated Institutional Review Board for any studies that are to be conducted at your site. GRN Member agrees to conduct all clinical research in a safe, ethical and fully compliant manner consistent with WCG’s principles. Any information WCG collects about you regarding your research activity may be freely used by WCG.

Please recognize that our ability to support you will be greatly enhanced if you provide us information about your clinical trials program upon request.

Membership is available at no cost. You may cancel your membership at any time.

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