Enrollment Strategies for Obesity Implant Device

February 9, 2018


Recruit and enroll patients for a prospective medical device designed to treat obesity. The sponsor (a previous ThreeWire customer) had to complete enrollment in less than six months to meet the enrollment goal of randomized 230 patients across only 10 sites, with a protocol containing very restrictive I/E criteria.


ThreeWire developed and executed a custom, comprehensive recruitment program that included broadcast media (TV), print advertising and a study website with self-screener and information for patients relative to their condition, and the study. All media respondents were directed to ThreeWire’s PIC for screening and referral of pre-qualified candidates to participating sites. We also used CHTs to engage and inform multiple patients at one time, creating efficiency for sites, and patients.


ThreeWire’s efforts resulted in 175 implant procedures, or 76% of the total enrollment goal. Our collaboration with the sponsor and sites resulted in the in the final implant being completed within the sixmonth goal that the sponsor had originally set.

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