Our customer needed support for a global, multi-protocol program which was behind with enrollment. They were using a central media campaign and vendor, but the results were less than desired based on the amount of money the sponsor had invested.


ThreeWire developed a tailored approach, consisting of ThreeWire Chart Review™ and Enrollment Assistant™ support to support countries around the globe. The introduction of ThreeWire and our services to the sites was critical to optimize the site adoption rate and results. ThreeWire worked closely with the sponsor and CRO to develop a rollout plan and begin to help sites with unique plans for each site.


ThreeWire was quickly able to review charts at over 50 sites and to help to process media referrals, which would otherwise have gone stale. Additionally, the EA passed out information in the community, and attended various community-based events. The sponsor was extremely pleased with the 129 ThreeWire enrollments, but with the collaboration (with a competitor recruitment vendor) as well.