With more than 8,000 medicines in clinical development across dozens of therapeutic areas today, patients and physicians have many reasons to be optimistic.

However, development pipelines are under pressure, and staffing challenges have added complexity to the process – bringing sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), clinical research sites, and the industry to an inflection point.

How can we get more studies started to address the pipeline problem? How can we speed the process for sites? Many are joining the WCG Site Network to tap into new streams of opportunity.

What is the WCG Site Network?

Our Site Network includes over 350 independent, institutional, and hospital clinical trial sites performing research in nearly every therapeutic area. At the same time, we have relationships with leading sponsors/CROs eager to connect with these sites.

How does it work? As part of the WCG Site Network, you receive study leads that match your therapeutic expertise and interests. The WCG team works with your site on feasibility and throughout the study start-up process.

Let’s explore the benefits of the WCG Site Network.

Identifying Studies

A key advantage for sites is streamlined study identification. You gain more trials in your area of expertise – and expand your trial portfolio.

WCG supports your research site with expertise in several areas – business development, budgeting, and contracting. This support eases your administrative burden and expedites trial activation.

We help you spend less time looking for studies and more time focusing on patients. To date, more than 350 sites are part of the network, including 1,100 principal investigators (PIs). These flourishing sites have run more than 2,000 studies over the past five years.

Accelerating Study Start-up

Users of the Site Network gain measurable efficiencies that speed first patient in, offering a competitive advantage. Increasing efficiencies translate into fewer constraints, expanded capacity, and the potential to start more studies – faster. In short, our Site Network model sets sites up for success.

Gaining Resources

When you think about handling more studies, do you stress about training, staffing, and regulatory support?

Many sites face administrative issues such as budgeting, feasibility, legal, and contracting resources. Coordinators and physicians are often frustrated trying to juggle these roles themselves.

When you need resources to support growth, you can tap into the WCG Site Network. We can be your relief valve with the people, processes, and technology that empower your site to perform. Along with staffing, we augment your resources by helping you meet sponsor/CRO deadlines, so your site is at the top of the selection list.

Seeing Results

Clinical trials are opportunities for improved patient care, physician retention, scientific advancement, and financial success. For those operating as part of a hospital system, your forward-thinking physicians see clinical research as a patient care option – offering access to tomorrow’s treatments today and engaging those valuable physicians. Institutions are looking for opportunities to advance scientific discovery, and independent sites want to expand and see financial results. Whatever your structure, the WCG Site Network helps you tap into valuable sponsor/CRO partnerships to expand and streamline your clinical research program while boosting bottom-line success.

Moving Forward

Ready to ease the pressure on your research site? Click here to learn more about how the WCG Site Network can help you identify more studies and make your site more efficient.