The Challenge

The complexities of rapidly changing the way in which investigators are trained when supporting a COVID-19 trial resulted in a significant reporting gap for our client. While traditionally, sites could be pre-identified and neatly grouped into roles with very predictable timelines and training plans; the reality of chasing COVID-19 patients, coupled with activating sites in a matter of hours instead of months, put a dramatic focus on speed and quality of reporting.

The Solution

WCG worked hand-in-hand with seasoned trial managers to design, create, and deploy and enterprise training report in less than two weeks.

Of the 3,000+ sites for the 7-study program, WCG was able to cut the time it took clinical operations to verify site training prior to site activation.

Training Verification

  • 25 minutes to verify the training history of a site with the existing process
  • 5 minutes to verify the training history of site using the Enterprise Training Report