The struggle to fight disease has always been about the patient. It always will be.

And in this era of COVID-19, suddenly everyone is getting a glimpse into the urgency that patients feel. The general public can now see what people with serious and life-threatening disorders have long known: that time is of the essence. We want to stop a disease quickly, before it harms.

The general public is also learning that safety is a critical factor. We want to stay safe as we try new medicines and visit hospitals. Safety procedures meant to protect us seem to slow drug development and keep us from the places we go to for healthcare.

How can we get the right medicines and care with the speed we need while staying safe?

In this new situation, we need to be well-informed. That’s why we’ve created a resource center containing information about COVID-19 and participation in clinical trials from reliable sources for you.

Visit our resource center:

Patient Resources: COVID-19 and Participation in Clinical Trials                  

There are things all of us can do to slow transmission of this disease and give frontline healthcare workers and drug developers time to do their work. The more we understand about their work, the more we can help them help us. We are all in this together.

Consider the professionals who work to stop COVID-19. They risk their lives. They have families, too. They are patients like all of us. You can help: stay informed, communicate about your needs, plan. Be patient when you encounter new procedures at hospitals meant to keep you safe. Practice social distancing. Support others if it is safe to do so.

Keeping the patient perspective front and center benefits everyone. Patients are diverse in their situations, interests and lives.  Most of us don’t think of ourselves as patients at all, except when in a doctor’s office or a hospital. Yet disease stays with us even when we leave medical settings. The success of our healthcare depends on knowing who we are and as much as possible about our medical procedures.

Most of us here at WCG are patients or friends and family members of patients with serious unmet medical needs. We are proud that WCG provides critical services to researchers, drug developers and hospitals working to develop medicines ethically, safely and efficiently. This work is about patients. It always will be. 


About the Authors

Steve Smith | President, Patient Advocacy, WCGSteve Smith | President, Patient Advocacy, WCG

Steve Smith is a seasoned patient advocate with an extensive career in software, consulting, process transformation, health care systems and patient-focused drug development. He joined WCG as President Patient Advocacy in 2019 inspired by the incredible value to patients embedded in the wide range of WCG solutions that reduce the time and cost of clinical trials.


Lori Abrams | Senior Director, Advocacy, WCG

Lori has a long history of improving clinical drug development by including patients, caregivers and advocacy groups into every aspect of the development continuum. In her last corporate role, Lori was the Director of Diversity & Patient Engagement in R&D at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). She continues to be a frequent speaker, writer and Advisory Board member on patient engagement and diversity in clinical trials.