Create an effective strategy for sites in the US and Europe, considering high sensitivity with Oncology sites and patients to identify and recruit patients with very strict I/E criteria for existing chemotherapy patients having either solid tumor or hematologic malignancies.


Implemented our ThreeWire Chart Review™ and Enrollment Assistant™ services at selected sites in Europe and the US, along with a study website and support materials for 45 countries.


Reviewed a total of 3,871 charts, with 1,095 passing pre-screening. Contributed a total of 102 enrollments across 14 sites. The highest enrolling site was one which utilized our Enrollment Assistant service.

“We are so grateful for ThreeWire. You have an outstanding team in terms of professionalism and customer service that separates you from the rest and you should be very proud.”

— Case Study Study Team Lead Top 5 Pharma Company