Why Biotech Sponsors Need Outside Support: IRB, IBC, DMCs and EACs

Emerging biotech companies must navigate the complexities of the development and approval process for drugs, biologics and devices — often with no previous experience. Do they need an IBC? An EAC? Can they find partners who understand their therapeutic area? Sometimes the fate of the company, not just the product, hangs on the right answers […]

The Future of Clinical Research Sites Series Finale: 2022 Year in Review & Look to 2023

2022 has been a year like no other, with more active trials than ever before, staffing shortages, and the introduction of many new technologies and site models, all while the effects of COVID still linger on the clinical research industry and our daily lives. Throughout 2022, thousands of clinical research professionals have joined us for […]

The Great Resignation: Its Impact on Clinical Research & Where We Go from Here

About the Webinar The “Great Resignation” has dramatically impacted the clinical research space, and we know that staffing shortages can significantly slow down trial timelines and even negatively affect patients. In the long term, educational and certification programs can raise awareness of clinical trials and draw more people into the profession. But in the short […]

Supporting Each Patient’s Journey: A Flexible Approach to Effective Enrollment

About the Webinar How can you encourage engagement with clinical trial participants, including underserved populations? Are there ways to strengthen the trust relationship between sites and patients? How can sites plan to adapt to inevitable changes as the study unfolds? In this webinar, Jamie Harper, director of site engagement & relations, and Tyler Bye, director […]

Leading Sponsor Delivers Enrollment 24 Months Ahead of Schedule With WCG Site Augmentation

How will you help your sites reach their full potential? Start with something different. Discover how WCG’s Site Augmentation Solution can help sponsors and CROs achieve clinical trial continuity and accelerate clinical trial timelines today.

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