Working in the clinical research and drug development field is exciting and inspirational. Scientists, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and patients participate because of the promise it holds for humanity.

The tasks necessary to initiate sites so investigators can test a drug are numerous. For many, one such task, site contracting, is often considered mundane. However, because of the critical role a site contract plays in a clinical trial, it should be as inspirational as any other aspect.

Contracting may sound unexciting, but it’s just as important as IRB approval, patient enrollment— even the delivery of the medication to the site itself. No contract, no clinical trial.

Still, contracting should be dull—or at least uneventful. Too often, it’s stressful. It should be
a small part of activation process. Too often, it isn’t. It shouldn’t take so long or cost so much. Too often, it does.

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