Oncology and CNS Research – Current Trends, Challenges, and Where We Go From Here

About the Webinar In the first half of 2022, the two therapeutic areas with the most clinical trial starts were Oncology and CNS, coming in at 50% and 14% of all trial starts, respectively. Today, there are more enrollment and staffing challenges in these therapeutic areas than ever before, leading many stakeholders to seek new […]

Meaningful Scientific Innovation in Schizophrenia: Negative Symptoms and the VRFCAT

Watch Knowledge Forum On-Demand About the Knowledge Forum Are you seeking meaningful scientific innovation to support quality data for your schizophrenia trial? Watch this special Knowledge Forum to gain scientific perspectives from pioneers in the Central Nervous System trial world and experts in clinical endpoint solutions: In a decentralizing, peri-pandemic trial world, schizophrenia research has […]

VRFCAT: Assessing Cognitive Function in Daily Living

What better way to assess a person’s ability to perform the activities of daily living than to ask them to actually perform those activities? The challenge, of course, is doing that in a controlled, scientifically validated environment. WCG’s Virtual Reality Functional Capacity Assessment Tool (VRFCAT) allows clinicians and researchers to do just that: It assesses […]

WCG Expands Clinical Trial Technology and Services with Acquisition of VeraSci

Acquisition Adds Premier Expertise in CNS Disorders and Clinical Trial Endpoints and Assessments, Further Enriching WCG’s Leading CNS Scientific and Patient Engagement Capabilities PRINCETON, N.J., July 26, 2021 – WCG today announced the acquisition of VeraSci, a global provider of specialty scientific expertise and eClinical software to support the design and execution of clinical trials […]

CNS Trial Failure Rates High As Need for New Drugs Grows

The failure rate of CNS drugs in Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials is approximately 85%, second only to oncology. Because of the blood-brain barrier, the development of drugs for CNS indications presents particular challenges, as compounds need to be lipophilic in order to pass through that barrier. Over the past decade many larger pharmaceutical […]

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