New Normal or Not, Safety Reporting Matters

Even during normal times, the usual approach to safety reporting places a heavy burden on sites. Sponsors inundate them with safety notifications, many of which are unnecessary. As a result, sites become overwhelmed and miss critical patient safety information, which become lost in a mountain of paperwork that includes unnecessary notices. Moreover, this practice is […]

People, Process and Technology: The Right Combination for Successful Expert Committees

    About this Episode: Independent expert committees provide essential validation of clinical data. Without their insights, sponsors risk missed signals, conflicts of interest and costly delays. But establishing a successful expert committee can be tricky. It requires the right combination of people, process and technology. In this three-part podcast, Lakshmi Sundar, head of business […]

AIMS: Our Proprietary Web-Based Adjudication System

Custom-built to streamline the adjudication process, the AIMS platform allows for enhanced endpoint adjudication capabilities.

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