This study was open to enrollment for 4 months, but was significantly behind the projected enrollment planning timeline. The sponsor had achieved only 6 of the required 46 total enrollments.


ThreeWire was awarded the study, and quickly developed and implemented a targeted outreach strategy that included television advertising supported by a study website with patient self-screening option and site materials. Patients were pre-screened by our Patient Interaction Center® and those that passed the sponsor and IRB-approved screening guide were referred to the local site for an on-site screening visit. Our Site Services group collaborated closely with patients and the site to ensure site screening visits were expeditiously scheduled and that no patients “fell through the cracks.” During the entire project, our Program Manager closely monitored and analyzed the media outreach and study results to ensure optimal buying and effectiveness and overall value.


Generated 503 respondents, with 166 passing pre-screening and being referred to the site, yielding 52 consents and 37 enrollments. ThreeWire contributed 93 percent of total enrollments to close out the study.