VeraSci—a global clinical research company offering eClinical software, translation services, and expertise in endpoints and assessments—is pleased to announce a new partnership with Aural Analytics, Inc., a global leader in speech analytics for clinical research.

VeraSci has embedded the Aural Analytics’ A2ETM speech analytics mobile application SDK and web API into the Pathway eCOA platform in preparation for multiple upcoming pivotal trials, including a psychiatric trial, as well as a diagnostic program in a neurological indication. Speech analytics will be utilized alongside more conventional clinical outcome measures to provide a richer picture of patients’ neurological health. VeraSci is also exploring the potential use of speech analytics for upcoming studies in additional psychiatric conditions and neurological disorders.

Scientists have known for some time that patients’ speech patterns change with different clinical conditions. Automated analysis of speech can be used to identify and track neurological diseases and psychiatric disorders by measuring objective features of speech and language production, including articulation, prosody, verbal volition among others.  These measures have been investigated for use in diseases such as ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, and schizophrenia.

“Using speech analytics to provide a more comprehensive picture of cognitive and clinical symptoms in CNS disorders opens new avenues for assessing patients,” says VeraSci CEO Dr. Rich Keefe, “Our partnership with Aural Analytics advances our commitment to pairing scientific knowledge with cutting-edge technology to improve the tools and measurements available in clinical trials.”

VeraSci’s Pathway eCOA platform brings together scientifically driven processes with cutting edge technology to deliver higher quality data while reducing site and patient burden. The addition of Aural Analytics’ speech analysis capabilities to Pathway provides sponsors with a completely unique and state-of-the-art method for evaluating patients. Only VeraSci’s Pathway offers a single integrated device across a broad range of assessments, including clinical, cognitive, functional, and speech endpoints. In addition, speech analytics will play an important role as more clinical trials move to remote assessments virtual trials.

“We are proud to partner with VeraSci to embed A2E, our global speech collection and analytics suite, into VeraSci’s Pathway eCOA platform, enabling the seamless collection and analysis of speech alongside other digital assessments of neurological conditions,” said Daniel Jones, CEO and co-founder of Aural Analytics. “Speech analytics, coupled with VeraSci’s deeply scientific approach to data collection and analysis, will enable clinical researchers with a robust, unique, and compelling solution in today’s dynamic clinical research landscape.”

About VeraSci

VeraSci is a clinical research company offering eClinical software, translation services, and expertise in endpoints and assessments. VeraSci brings scientific expertise, strategic innovation, and unwavering commitment to each project, helping clients worldwide develop novel therapies. Learn more at

About Aural Analytics

Aural Analytics is the industry’s leading speech neuroscience company building the world’s most advanced clinical-grade speech analytics platform for health applications across the lifespan. Its suite of applications and embeddable SDKs and APIs are available in up to 30 languages across Android, iOS, and the web are easy to use, secure, and provide robust, clinically relevant, interpretable, and validated metrics reflecting the neurological and respiratory health of its users. For more information, please visit or follow Aural Analytics on TwitterLinkedInMedium, and Facebook.