Jump-start enrollment in the US for this large international study so that early enrollment rates did not fall behind projections.


ThreeWire Chart Review™ services were conducted at selected sites to identify “known” study candidates. Radio, television, print and web advertisements were employed to identify “unknown” study candidates. All referral candidates were screened by our Patient Interaction Center® for potential referral to sites. Our Site Services group worked closely with staff at each of the participating sites to ensure rapid and efficient scheduling and screening of eligible candidates.


More than 3,000 media patients were pre-screened by our Patient Interaction Center® over a 30-day period, resulting in approximately 400 referrals and 50 randomizations. Approximately 3,500 charts were reviewed at 7 sites, resulting in 104 Patient Interaction Center pre-screenings, 11 site referrals and 4 randomizations.