ThreeWire was called upon to provide study branding and creative services to develop study support materials and help to enroll patients across 116 sites for Season 1 of a pediatric flu vaccine study for a “top 5” pharma company. Due to the successful impact of ThreeWire’s contribution for Season 1, our services were extended to Season 2 of the study the following year.


ThreeWire brought value to Season 1 and 2 of this pediatric study through providing study-branded outreach including a study-branded website, brochures with visit guide, posters, flyers and other materials to keep patients/parents and sites informed and engaged in the studies. ThreeWire received positive feedback from the sponsor and the sites that the materials were extremely helpful, and well received by parents and patients, too.

Global Reach

Season One:

Canada, United States, Mexico

Season Two: Canada, Spain, Finland, Italy, Poland, United States, Taiwan