ThreeWire has solved some of the greatest enrollment challenges with the
hardest-to-reach patient populations on behalf of our customers. This case
study will help summarize the results and predictable success you can expect
when we apply a unique, deliberate approach to finding the patients you need.

Our client, a top pharma company, tasked ThreeWire to enroll patients
for their highly competitive major depressive disorder (MDD) study. This
client needed start up assistance and support at forty-eight (48) US sites.
Identifying potential subjects with this disorder can be challenging if they have
self-stigma and are not be willing to commit to the study due to the nature of
the disorder.

ThreeWire strategically deployed Enrollment Assistants™ (EAs) at sites to
identify pre-qualified referrals using retrospective and prospective ThreeWire
Chart Review™ and Referral Physician Networking. Deploying EAs that had
experience working with similar populations was key to providing subjects
with self-stigma apersonal connection to keep them motivated to finish
the study.® was used to follow up on previously contacted
subjects that may agree to the study when the time is right for them. Media
Outreach targeted both the subject and their loved ones who could have an
influence on their participation.

ThreeWire was able to quickly review charts at the 48 sites, leading to 121
consents and 69 enrolled subjects. These efforts contributed 34.5% of all
enrollments. ThreeWire Enrollment Assistants were able to pre-screen 721
potential subjects with Community Outreach, leading to 44 consents and 26
enrollments or 13% of all enrollments.