A leading global contract research organization (CRO) was content using WCG’s online, on-demand training, InvestigatorSpace®, as an addition to its traditional, in-person training program – until the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world. Almost overnight, face-to-face training became impossible. Program directors raced to employ remote strategies as the CRO and its sites faced new priorities for fast-launch, COVID-related trials. These trials included constantly evolving amendments that would additionally stress their training programs.

Immediately, WCG virtual training went from “nice to have” to “need to have” for the client to survive and ultimately thrive. The client embraced on-demand training with great success. No other CRO was as well-positioned, and competitors without an on-demand training partner struggled with integrated web training and online meetings.




trial enrollment days gained


cut in training costs

The switch to WCG virtual training allowed this global CRO to achieve 100% business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Seamless Process

The WCG training team worked with the client using a collaborative and consultative approach to assess their needs quickly. Then, we created and delivered customized online training solutions for each team and each clinical study with seamless delivery. We provided a complete system demonstration as part of the process, showing study directors and teams how the on-demand training worked. Users found the system easy to use, with white-glove service to address any questions. The WCG platform also offered support for investigator meetings via videoconferencing. Team members received certificates for training completion and virtual meeting participation with real-time reporting for study leaders.

Feedback from the client reflected, “WCG training makes the hard things easy.”

Delivering Results

Study leaders appreciated the ability to customize on-demand training for each clinical trial and each study team – meeting budgets and timelines. New team members were quickly brought up to speed in staffing turnover situations. Training for study amendments was efficiently updated to answer the team’s questions, reducing costly deviations. Team members could easily review their study training as trials were enrolled. Online documentation and real-time reporting provided total transparency for the entire training process.

Our client flourished with WCG on-demand training and was positioned to win numerous critical COVID-19 trials for treatments and vaccines.

Making a Difference

WCG training became a key differentiator for this client, supporting game-changing scientific discovery during the pandemic. Today, this CRO leverages on-demand, virtual training plus in-person video investigator meetings for most of its studies, all supported by the WCG platform (InvestigatorSpace). Virtual training enables faster trial enrollment, with an average gain of 55 trial enrollment days, as sites and teams that are ready early can complete training and begin patient enrollment. The client has cut training costs by about 60% while achieving 100% auditability and traceability of training documentation. The process ensures inspection readiness and supports the client’s commitment to excellence in managing global clinical trials.