Helping Sites Reach Their Full Potential: WCG CRCs Equip Sites With Tailored Support

October 6, 2020
As the clinical trial industry moves from crisis to recovery mode, everyone is grappling with uncertainty. Sites continue to be hampered by resource and bandwidth issues, and many still aren’t fully staffed—with as many as 1.4 million healthcare workers facing lay-offs due to
Now more than ever, sites are in need of extra resources. WCG’s Site Augmentation services can provide it, empowering sites to help bring new therapies to market.
WCG Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs) are the centerpiece of these Site Augmentation services. These clinical research professionals help overburdened study teams by streamlining enrollment, enhancing patient retention, ensuring timely data entry and query resolution, and providing site administrative support every step of the way.

They make sure things get done. But to know what needs to get done, they must understand each site’s needs.

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