Criis is a founding member and chair of the ALIVE ERG, which supports WCG’s LGBTQIA+ community. “We foster the feeling that it is safe to be out at work,” they say “Within WCG we have worked with human capital management on streamlining an informal name change process and promoting the listing of pronouns in our communications. This is especially important for our trans friends and non-binary people.”

Safety is a real issue. “Many of us had bad experiences with past employers where we could not be our authentic selves. Being out and unapologetically visible allows others to be out and visible without fear of discrimination,” Criis says. “I wear my interests on my sleeve and strive to be more openly who I am in how I dress and express myself. I hope it encourages others to be the same.”

The ERG published an industry paper encouraging the industry to use more inclusive language in consent forms and subject intake questions. The group also advocates for inclusive subject intake form that capture relevant demographics.

Criis joined WCG 15 years ago and works in the IRB Division as an Operations Support Specialist, processing client submission for human subject research. They have witnessed WCG’s growth over 15 years.

“Being with WCG has given me the vocabulary and skills to communicate with people in the Ethical Review Industry, including the confidence to stand by my statements. The ERG has given me perspective and the great opportunity to communicate with those in other divisions in WCG, which I had never done before joining ALIVE.”

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