Dana was honored to be asked to lead the Working Parents ERG: As the proud single mom of two young children, she saw it as an opportunity to support her colleagues and advocate for improvements.

She took on the role during the pandemic, when parents were under tremendous pressure. “So, taking over as chair for Working Parents ERG was pretty important to me. It was important to make sure that all WCG’s parents—and caretakers—were heard.”

Among other projects, the Working Parents ERG is engaged with Human Capital Management to modernize the parental leave policy. “It’s also looking for ways to connect employees to resources and opportunities they may not know about.”

Dana, who’s pursuing an MBA, leads the inside sales function at WCG, but she’d never before served as a chair. “I’ve always found myself in some sort of leadership role by default and by desire.”

The ERG is allowing her to cultivate her leadership skills and to help others cultivate theirs. “Some think leadership means being in the forefront, but I think it’s more about turning to the people in your groups, allowing them to lead and giving them the confidence and the safety and the security to do so.”

And, of course, it aligns with my deepest values. “I can’t speak of a greater passion than my children and making sure that I am the parent they deserve.”

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