Photo of Geoffrey Schick, CHRC

Geoffrey Schick, CHRC, is a Director of Strategic Site Partnerships and a subject matter expert at WCG. In this role, he assists clients with billing compliance, administration, and operations for improvements in their research programs. As a key member of the WCG Site Advisory Team for the past four years, Geoff works with a growing number of integrated healthcare delivery systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals on opportunities to strategically develop clinical trials research programs as a point of market differentiation.

Prior to WCG, Geoff held leadership roles in research administration at several large health systems in various regions of the country. Utilizing his decades-long expertise in healthcare and research, Geoff has developed centralized research infrastructures that delivers reduced cycle times, stronger financial performance, investigators with increased satisfaction, and most importantly, greater opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials research.

As part of his role in assisting clients, Geoff thrives on exploring innovative ideas and technology solutions that help contain employer-sponsored healthcare costs; an area in which he has several years of experience in. His education in economics and business administration is applied heavily along the concept of “shifting the curve” through application of technology or innovative program design to achieve more dynamic results.

Since 2017, Geoff has held the Certified Healthcare Research Compliance certification through HCCA. He speaks regularly at national conferences including HCCA’s Research Compliance Conference, MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference, and regularly contributes as an expert in webinars and podcasts.

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