As co-lead of Inspire2Lead, a leadership and professional development ERG, Rachel works with members to help them tap into their innate leadership skills.
“It’s important for people to feel they have a locus of control,” she explains. People who feel that they’re leading—and have the support of their organization—have a greater stake in the company. By cultivating leaders, the ERG supports its own mission while strengthening the company.

It’s also a good fit for her skills:” I love helping other people learn and showing people other means of professional development and networking; I love sharing knowledge.”

Rachel has a master’s in public administration and runs a nonprofit farm sanctuary, so leadership comes naturally to her.

She joined WCG in November 2021.

Why WCG? First, it was the people she’d be working with. She also appreciated that WCG lived its values. And then there was the opportunity to work on clinical trials: “I’ll read medical journals in my spare time because I think it’s fun.”

As a Project Specialist, she performs reconciliation of adverse event data and provides that information to endpoint adjudication committees (EACs). It required new skills, including learning language of EACs.

Already her work at WCG is bolstering her skills and advancing her career. So is her work with the ERG. For example, it just launched a mentorship program, and she knows first-hand how valuable they can be. “I’m a mentee, and I’m really excited for what that relationship is going to bring.”

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