Su-Fen is a founding member and co-lead of Inspire2Lead, a leadership and professional development ERG. Its mission is to inspire employees to lead from where they are: “One doesn’t need a certain title in order to be a leader,” she says, pointing to herself as an example. “I don’t have a leadership title, and I don’t supervise anyone. Yet, I’m still able to be a leader within WCG through the ERGs.”

Cultivating leaders is important to her: Many people mistakenly think they lack leadership potential. But once given the opportunity to lead, they recognize their potential and begin to develop their skills, she explains.

ERGs in general help bring together the different divisions across WCG, allowing participants to better understand what their colleagues do, she adds.

As a Clinical Specialist, she performs clinical review and reconciliation of adverse event data, ensuring supporting information is provided to the endpoint adjudication committees. This aligns with her previous work: Before coming to WCG in March 2020, she worked in academia as a site project manager—“the other side of clinical research.”

“I’ve enjoyed learning about a different area of clinical research that is a little further removed from being on the ground. Obviously both pieces are critical to the success of any trial,” she says. “My role at WCG has made me a much more well-rounded clinical research professional, and I’m learning about really innovative and life-saving trials in the pipeline.”

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