Tina Reddick bio photo

As Co-Chair of the Black Women of WCG ERG, Tina focuses on outcomes. The ERG helps drive important conversations, but it doesn’t stop there. “We’re trying to make things happen and see the work done in real time.”

The ERG launched in November 2020 with several goals. Among them: Foster a safe space for women of color to be empowered in the company; provide leadership opportunities; and increase cultural awareness across the WCG community and the industry at large.

The industry outreach efforts not only raise awareness; they also support WCG talent acquisition efforts. The ERG is also working internally to attract more women of color into WCG.

Tina joined WCG in July 2019 through MedAvante-ProPhase. Across all her roles, she works with WCG leadership to support clinical trial diversity. This includes working with Patient Advocacy to talk about the importance of clinical trial participation and engaging with groups such as the Tiger Lily Foundation, which supports women with breast cancer.

All this feeds Tina’s passion. “Employee engagement has always been a passion of mine. I want to see everybody working together, getting along and producing exceptional results from those interactions.”

Her involvement in the ERG gives her the tools to identify groups that have previously been overlooked—and doing something about it.

As she fosters change in WCG and industry culture, she’s also making professional and personal advances.

“All these initiatives that gave me visibility with leadership– opportunities to express my ideas and really drive them home. This has aided my development within the company, personally and professionally.”

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