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Free consultation: take the guesswork and risk out of site selection

Considering that 80 percent of clinical trials run behind schedule, it pays to look hard from the outset at the sites you engage to conduct your study. Too often, sponsors rely on traditional methods of site selection by working within limited data sets that do not yield positive trial results.

Schedule a Predictive Analytics Consultation to discover how leading sponsors and CROs are using the WCG Knowledge Base™ to improve speed and the probability of success for clinical trials via deep intelligence on investigators and live studies.   

The Predictive Analytics Consultation is a 1 hour session, led by our VP of Clinical Solutions, Suzanne Caruso. During this interactive session we will use real-time data to answer your key study questions, giving you valuable insights you can immediately use to drive greater success and value from your current or upcoming programs. Upon registration for your session, you can submit a current or upcoming study of concern, which we’ll analyze during our meeting.

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Industry and competitive insights you'll gain during the consultation:

The competitive landscape for your study

During your consultation, we’ll map out your competition level at each site, so you can proactively deploy strategies to reach your enrollment goals.

The top-performing sites for similar studies

Setup your studies for success from the start with data that helps you zero in on the sites with the best-known performance for the therapeutic area of your study.

Termination rates and screen failure rates

Understand and compare the screen failure rates across therapeutic areas, sites and investigators.

Gain valuable insights from the industry's most comprehensive knowledge base

The WCG Knowledge Base is our proprietary decision engine with trusted, FDA-validated data on 95% of all industry-sponsored research, enrollment performance on 85% of all FDA-regulated investigators, and demographic and performance metrics for more than 140,000 global investigators.

With the WCG Knowledge Base, our clients and partners are accelerating their clinical trial timelines thanks to intelligent, data-driven decisions in each phase of the clinical trial.

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Connect with our predictive analytics experts

Suzanne Caruso

Suzanne Caruso serves as the Vice President of Clinical Solutions for WCG. In this role, Suzanne oversees WCG’s robust suite of transformational solutions and manages the growth, development, and operational strategy relating to these services. She uses her unique expertise to design and develop new applications that positively impact the efficiency of clinical trials. Suzanne is focused on making WCG’s pharma and CRO clients successful with innovative solutions that accelerate time to market, improve safety, and boost data accuracy.

Most recently, she served as the associate director of clinical operations, oncology at Novartis. In her previous role, Suzanne oversaw the Study Start-Up, Compassionate Use, Innovation and Informed Consent Departments. This enabled her to enhance innovations for clinical trials and medical functions in support of improving trial efficiency and protection of human subjects.

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April Mulroney

As Chief Data Officer, April is responsible for the vision and direction of WCG’s data and knowledge strategy. She brings a unique blend of general management, finance, strategic innovation and product development experience in Life Sciences to her role.

Prior to joining WCG, April was with Medidata Solutions as general manager of Site Payments and FMV benchmarking. During her tenure, she incubated and launched the financial products component of Medidata’s industry leading Clinical Trial Technology Platform. April led the Payments EDC to Cash launch in 2016, resulting in the SCRIP Award for Best Technology of the year.

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Ready to to see how the investigators in your current or planned studies match up against the historic performance of all available investigators for the therapeutic area of the study?

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