Clinical Outcomes Assessment

Improve signal detection and reduce clinical trial error rate

The high and costly failure rate of clinical trials is due in large part to imprecise endpoint measurements that add noise and impair signal detection.

WCG MedAvante-ProPhase provides services that mitigate the risks of bias, variability and human error. We achieve that by applying deep scientific expertise to improve the quality of clinical trial outcome data.

Our specific solution is to combine cohesive, interoperable electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA) software and accurate, expert clinician services to improve the collection, management, and analysis of clinical study data.

The result is a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of clinical assessments — including a reduction of process errors by up to 80% — and a smoother, more direct path to market.

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Pair clinical expertise with innovative technology to achieve greater accuracy

At the core of our Clinical Outcomes Assessment is the Virgil Investigative Study Platform — a suite of electronic services that support our scientifically advanced measurement scales and clinical processes.

Our expert, calibrated raters administer live assessment of subjects at sites — as well as new remote data capture technology — to improve study integrity and minimize bias and variability.

Our training experts design rater training and certification programs to improve the accuracy of your therapeutic findings.

Our global cohort of expert clinicians review assessment data and recordings to provide insight into each study’s progress and flag potential discrepancies and surface quality issues.

Our statisticians and clinical scientists help build data quality metrics that help study managers assess your study’s progress.

Our Virgil platform tracks all clinician-reported outcomes, observer-reported outcomes and patient-reported outcomes, resulting in standardized assessments, more accurate signal detection, and more reliable data quality.

For high-integrity clinical trials, engage the leader in science-driven, technology-enabled clinical measurement

We offer sponsors and CROs a unique mastery of clinical measurement and signal detection solutions.

Our clinical expertise and skill at combining scientific innovation with digital capabilities are rooted in years of working with some of the most challenging clinical trial outcomes—CNS disorders. We offer proven, proprietary measurement scales to aid in assessment accuracy.

Our Virgil eCOA solution and our complete suite of clinical services make WCG MedAvante-ProPhase the most proficient and reliable global partner for improved outcome measurement and smarter, faster, more successful clinical trials.

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WCG Clinical Outcomes Assessment is powered by MedAvante-ProPhase

The planning and execution of clinical research demands deep consideration. From protocol design to scale selection, every decision matters. Each choice can strengthen or erode the integrity of data collected, and this is especially true in the therapeutic area of central nervous system (CNS).

Backed by a cadre of scientific leaders, the role of MedAvante-ProPhase is to maximize the validity and reliability of trial data to ensure clinical trial conduct and design is scientifically sound.

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Apply deep scientific expertise to optimize the quality of your clinical trial outcome data

Our clinical expertise and record of combining scientific innovation with digital capabilities is rooted in years of experience working with some of the most challenging of clinical trial outcomes.

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