Document Exchange

Speed clinical trials and ensure an impeccable audit record

The WCG Secure Document Exchange (SDE) assures that your clinical studies proceed securely and on time—because your document flow is expedited and tracked in a secure, centralized electronic repository.

Since SDE is fully integrated and cloud-based, it automatically ensures your documents reliably comply with regulations in 110 countries globally. It also enables collaboration by all stakeholders, which speeds and simplifies processes and eliminates duplicated work.

Perhaps most importantly, the system integrates with the WCG electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) application, which gives study personnel full visibility of all documentation related to clinical studies so that you can manage them closely in real time. The eTMF also provides a complete, audit-ready trail of document transactions.

How SDE makes site management streamlined and safe

Here are some of the functions that provide SDE users control and confidence that their document exchange is proceeding efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Electronically collects and organizes all documents related to a clinical site activation—evaluation, qualification, contracting and start up
  • Allows rapid and efficient collaboration, revision, and authorization
  • Makes slow, costly, manual express- and postal-service document transmission obsolete
  • Allows sponsors and CROs to monitor the status of every step of the activation process for every site at any time
  • Supports for instant digital-signatures technology
  • Auto-populates study documents and contracts, eliminating research and tedious form fulfillment
  • Ensures regulation compliance for 110 countries globally
  • Ensures strict, role-based authorization with high levels of security during document exchange
Secure Document Exchange: automating rapid site activation since 2007

Not only did our 2007 introduction of the SDE solution help sponsors and CROs achieve breakthroughs in speeding and simplifying site start-ups, but continuous technology advances have since strengthened its dominance.

More than 4,000 clinical researchers on more than 400 compounds in more than 6,000 studies have employed our clinical workforce solutions. This clinical trial experience is the reason so many sponsors and CROs trust WCG to help move their products to market.

See how Secure Document Exchange has expedited more than 500,000 clinical trial documents: request a demo.

One part of an integrated solution for clinical site activation

Secure Document Exchange is integrated with other WCG solutions to further speed and secure site activation:

WCG Electronic Trial Master File

A central digital repository for all trial-related documents.

WCG Site Feasibility

A service that shortens the site selection process and improves the quality of the sites you choose.

WCG Site Training

An online Learning Management System that brings new speed and efficiency to the site training challenge.

Request a demo of the WCG Document Exchange solution

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