Increase patient retention with WCG’s digital informed consent solution

Traditional informed consent processes create costly inefficiencies and risks for clinical study sponsors, investigators, and sites, as well as misunderstanding, dissatisfaction and higher dropout rates for patients.

WCG’s digital consent solution, ConsentNow, eliminates the high expenses associated with manual and paper-based consent approaches while ensuring that patients fully engage and understand their clinical study participation. This solution encourages patient support and satisfies key compliance requirements.

In short, ConsentNow solution both automates and humanizes the informed consent process—dramatically reducing costs and risks, while increasing patient knowledge, satisfaction, and retention.

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We make consent truly informed, creating a secure, collaborative experience

Simplify patient education

Our ConsentNow platform helps clinicians, nurses, and study coordinators provide clear educational information to patients in simple, patient-friendly formats, including interactive video animations. The platform spares site staff the burden of educational content creation and training.

Generate bullet-proof audit records

Our eConsent solution also delivers reliable patient retention assessment tools, version control, and real-time analytics. It means sponsors and CROs capture an impeccable audit record covering the consent process step-by-step for each patient.

Enhance patient consent tracking

Once the informing process is complete, patients sign electronically, which creates a tamper-proof document, embedding each signer’s identity and time and date stamps—resulting in a completely private and secure transaction.

ConsentNow: a patient-centric solution that eases enrollment for sponsors, CROs and sites

Sponsors and CROs appreciate our ConsentNow because it leads to greater patient cooperation, reduced dropout rates, a constant flow of site statistics and compliance with all FDA and other regulatory requirements at a reduced cost.

Our ConsentNow is preferred by clinical sites because it smooths and speeds the enrollment process by eliminating paperwork, training responsibilities, and manual tracking of patient progress.

Our ConsentNow is liked by patients because they truly comprehend the importance and implications of the study on their lives and those of other patients—and because they take part in what is designed to be a worthy cause.

Together we’re creating a smarter, healthier world—one patient at a time.

WCG ConsentNow is powered by MedAvante-ProPhase

The planning and execution of clinical research demands deep consideration. From protocol design to scale selection, every decision matters. Each choice can strengthen or erode the integrity of data collected, and this is especially true in the therapeutic area of central nervous system (CNS).

Backed by a cadre of scientific leaders, the role of MedAvante-ProPhase is to maximize the validity and reliability of trial data to ensure clinical trial conduct and design is scientifically sound.

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