Centralized biospecimen management. Improved data quality. Reduced workload.

Research sites need a centralized, secure and compliant solution to manage their biospecimens. Managers want to ensure systematic specimen acquisition, quality assurance and distribution. Focused on patient care, researchers want to accurately describe and manage samples and link them to study and patient data. These challenges offer opportunities to optimize your biorepositories and research programs.


increase in productivity


reduction in data management time

ensure higher quality specimens

WCG Velos eSample is a unified, trusted solution for:


Managing biospecimens

WCG Velos eSample reduces data silos with an integrated repository of high-quality biospecimens data, laboratory results, assay outcomes, study specific forms, documents, patients, protocol information and more.

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Creating independent biorepositories

Run biorepositories more efficiently by designing and managing virtual storage units, maintaining sample lineages, analyzing longitudinal and genomics data, and collaborating within institutions or across multiple sites.

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Sample acquisition and patient linking

Replacing laborious spreadsheets with innovative biospecimen management technology increases accuracy and automation of data collection. Detailed reports and querying modules enhance sample quality and help achieve operational efficiencies.

WCG Velos eSample is the preferred centralized solution for biobanks, biorepositories and research sites conducting clinical and translational research.

WCG Velos eSample is trusted by prominent research sites to enable researchers to translate bench research into practical applications that advance human health.

As an add-on module available within the WCG Velos eResearch, it enhances data quality and access while eliminating the time and costs associated with manual data management activities. By reducing workload with automated collection via sample kits, linking clinical and laboratory records, label printing, and barcode scanning, WCG Velos eSample gives you more time with your patients while accelerating research.

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Streamline biospecimen management

Efficiently design and manage virtual storage units, biobanks and biorepositories. Inventory biospecimens, manage sample lineage inventory, and create specimen bank hierarchies to streamline workflows and maintain high-quality biospecimens.

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Reduce data errors

Accurately identify samples based on various attributes like biospecimen types, participant demographics, pathological status, anatomic sites, and more.


Ensure regulatory oversight

Our 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA-compliant system helps you avoid penalties and support audits. Selectively provide authorized personnel access to specific data and samples.

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Accelerate research

Integrating with WCG Velos eResearch’s protocol design and study management capabilities allows you to define protocol-based sample acquisition workflows that link study coordinators’ activities with inventory management, facilitating quick sample check-in.

Why choose WCG Velos eSample?

WCG Velos eSample helps you streamline the entire sample lifecycle from biospecimen acquisition to sample lineage inventory to querying biorepositories for desired samples. Your team can spend more time focusing on advancing science, improving patient care and engagement to optimize biobanking success.

WCG Velos eSample offers measurable benefits:

  • Increase productivity by 300%
  • Cut data management time by 40%
  • Ensure higher quality specimens
  • Attract more studies to grow your research program

Growth Opportunities:

Leverage WCG Velos eResearch and WCG Managed Research Solutions for accelerating research, staffing, and other resources designed to help you outmaneuver the market and outperform the competition:  

  • Increase trial study starts by 38%
  • Reduce start-up timelines by 37%
  • Boost financial performance by 21%
  • Increase enrollment by 44% and retention by 29%

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