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The largest network of independent and trusted providers of ethical review services for human research.

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The pioneer of independent research oversight dedicated to the protection of human life

WCG is the acknowledged industry leader and the gold standard in ethical and regulatory human research oversight–with more years of IRB and IBC experience and trusted relationships with sponsors, CROs, institutions, and investigators. Yet our mission continues undiminished: Constantly improve the efficiency, protection, and speed delivered by our solutions in ethical compliance, biosafety, and research management.

84% reduction in IRB review timelines
5 weeks average IBC approval timeline, vs industry average of 12 weeks
90 day implementation of research management software

Celebrating 50 years as the industry leader in IRB and IBC

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A single-source solution for IRB, IBC, and research management


Because we pioneered independent research oversight in 1968 and strive to remain the leader, we can help ensure you engage high-quality IRBs that deliver unassailable reviews, enforce audit-proof protections, implement frictionless operational efficiency, and accelerate IRB approval through our proprietary Single Review Solution (SRS) process.

WCG Biosafety

Since 2003, our IBC has led the Biosafety field, evaluating over 250 human gene transfer protocols—more than any private firm outside of the FDA and NIH. Our strategy is based on central management of IBCs and the world’s largest network of standing committees. This enables us to organize IBC more quickly and deliver consistently faster approval times.

WCG Research Management

Our IRBNet software solution has become the industry standard for cloud-based, automated human research reviews—now supporting over 2,300 IRBs and 250,000 individual users. IRBNet means higher efficiency administration, more intuitive operation, faster installation, and lower maintenance costs.

Why WCG should be your call for Ethical Review

Only WCG has such a long history of unsurpassed commitment to human research protection and the advancement of human health science. We are the only resource with a track record of unsurpassed results relating to ethical review quality, streamlined operations, and accelerated time to market.

We are leaders in facilitating and expediting clinical trials, most notably through our Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB)—the most experienced and trusted IRB partner to hospitals, healthcare systems, and Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) in North America.

In addition, our Copernicus, Aspire, New England, and Midlands IRB companies, as well as our Oncology and Gene Therapy Boards, help sponsors, CROs, and biopharma firms succeed in a wide range of clinical studies.

Benefit from our experience managing the world’s largest network

When you engage WCG to manage your ethical reviews, you benefit from the world’s largest IRB-IBC network, our oversight of more than 200,000 protocols covering virtually every therapeutic indication, and historical management of more than 2,700 institutions and 700 local IBCs.

Working with WCG IRB helped to provide our organization with a solution that succeeded in modernizing and digitizing our IRB processes, making our IRB office more efficient. In terms of facilitating workflow and time management, WCG IRB represents a significant improvement over the previous systems we’ve used. Plus, the high quality of WCG IRB’s customer service and technical support was a huge part of our overall success.”

Research Director, IRB Office

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Featured Ethical Review Experts

Stuart Horowitz, PhD, MBA

President, Institutions and Institutional Services

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Jeffrey A. Cooper, MD, MMM

Vice President, Process and Strategic Improvement

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Daniel Kavanagh, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor, Gene Therapy

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