WCG supports and empowers patients across their clinical journey while helping companies conduct safer, more efficient trials.

Supporting patients, improving clinical trials and speeding cures

For decades, WCG has advanced the protection and ethical treatment of patients who participate in clinical trials. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our service offerings in ways that support and provide value to patients.

The clinical trial process presents challenges to patients, sites and Sponsors alike. Sponsors invest millions to get therapies to market. However, patients who desperately need these therapies are often unaware of the clinical trials. Sites, meanwhile, struggle to recruit, enroll, educate and retain eligible patients while, at the same time, to meet tight deadlines.

WCG offers an array of services that:

  • Assist patients in finding the right clinical trials while helping sites find and enroll the right patients
  • Allow patients to give fully informed consent
  • Ensure the trial’s risks don’t outweigh the benefits
81% of Americans surveyed said they’d participate in a clinical trial if it were recommended by their doctor
0.2% Physicians refer less than 0.2% of their patients to clinical trials.
95% of rare diseases do not yet have a single FDA-approved treatment
Connecting the right patients with the right study, speeding the development of life-saving medication

WCG’s services help patients find trials, sites find patients and Sponsors speed the development of much-needed therapies.

Patients and Sponsors alike want treatments developed quickly and safely. Trial planners and investigators seek the best ways to incorporate the patient voice and run trials that are less burdensome. Patients need to better understand their condition and their options.

That’s why advocating for patients–and helping them advocate for themselves–is integral to who we are at WCG.

Providing information: Part of our mission is to provide patients with access to essential health and educational resources to learn more about clinical research and participation. You can find a few resources at

Listening to the Patient Voice: There is no substitute for the patient voice. WCG incorporates it in every step of the clinical trial process, from protocol design to regulatory review. Our partnership with Inspire allows us to recruit highly engaged patients and meet their needs throughout the course of the trial and beyond.

Maximize the patient voice, speed recruitment and enrollment, and improve trial outcomes

Patient advocacy is playing an increasingly vital role in the clinical trial process. For decades, WCG has advanced the protection and ethical treatment of patients who participate in clinical trials. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our service offerings in ways that support and enhance patient-centricity.

Patient Engagement

Our end-to-end patient engagement services ensure that each patient identified is quickly contacted, screened and, when eligible, enrolled. This reduces uncertainty, fosters engagement and ultimately, speeds the development of new medications.

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Genetic Testing & Counseling

Genetic testing helps identify hard-to-find patient populations and reduce their exposure to risk. Pre- and post-test counseling helps inform patients, control expectations and ensure that consent is truly informed.

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Online Communities

Through our partnership with Inspire, the largest online community of patients and caregivers, we make clinical research more accessible to patients. We connect online community members with trials, and connect patients in trials with supportive online communities. We’re also better able to share the patient voice with sites and Sponsors.

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Informed Consent

Through our advanced educational and electronic informed consent processes, we ensure patients understand the study, the benefits and the risk; this enables them to make truly informed decisions and give truly informed consent.

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Transportation & Logistics Support

Simply getting to the trial site can be hassle for patients. WCG’s patient-centric Enrollment Assistants connect with patients and their families to ensure transportation and other resources they need to make all their visits.

Study Matching

WCG’s Patent Engagement services connect the right patients to the right sites. Our CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing allows patients to find trials near where they live.

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Patient-Reported Outcomes

WCG Analgesic Solutions’ Accurate Symptom Reporting training gives patients the skills they need to accurately and reliably assess and report their symptoms.

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Drug Safety

Though astute management of adverse event monitoring, analysis and reporting, WCG’s Drug Safety process protects patients and helps ensure trial success.

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