Remote Clinical Research Coordinators

Deploy highly-trained clinical research professionals to alleviate the administrative burden and staffing shortages caused by the impact of COVID-19.

Maintain continuity for your studies during COVID-19

The current pandemic has overwhelmed medical institutions globally. Already overburdened investigators and clinical research coordinators have largely put clinical trials on hold and have been reassigned to support the influx of clinical care needs. And many independent sites that only perform clinical research are now on hold due to exposure concerns as it relates to COVID-19 transmission.

But there are some trials that simply can’t stop. WCG’s Remote Clinical Research Coordinators are supporting trials dealing with the challenges brought on by COVID-19 and continuing to be a helpful resource and a friendly voice for patients who may be concerned due to the uncertainty of the clinical research landscape.

A trusted solution in an uncertain time

Widely used prior the pandemic, WCG’s Remote Clinical Research Coordinator Services provide a timely solution for sponsors and sites to keep participants engaged in a clinical trial regardless of whether the study may be on hold, facing delays or pivoting to a remote model. 

The WCG Remote Clinical Research Coordinators are trained experts in performing high-quality and efficient clinical trial tasks. Available services include:

  • Assist in completing feasibility and startup documentation
  • Remote chart review to build a backlog of potential patients
  • Remote screening and education of potential patients
  • Keeping current study participants engaged
  • Support for source document creation for the site
  • Perform remote data entry for the site
  • Handling query resolution in a timely manner
  • Ensure timely handling of safety documents and alerts to maintain compliance

How Remote Clinical Research Coordinators can help your study sites during the COVID-19 pandemic

For sites that have suspended clinical trials:

  • Maintain engagement with current or prospective patients
  • Update and maintain clinical trial data at the site
  • Establish procedures for rapid re-start of trials

For sites still actively conducting clinical trials:

  • Perform remote chart reviews and pre-screen patients
  • Mitigate data entry and query resolution
  • Manage patient education and schedule changes

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