Resource Augmentation

Maintain site continuity with a scalable solution.

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Increase bandwidth, not FTEs

Through our Site Support and Resource Augmentation capabilities, we ensure your site has the resources it needs without increasing headcount. We deploy our highly trained clinical research professionals both onsite and remotely. They don’t merely perform tasks: They solve problems and adapt as the situation changes.

Our clinical research professionals can work across studies based on your site’s specific needs. That allows your team members to work at the top of their capabilities, focusing on the important, not merely the urgent.

A customizable approach to solving your urgent resource needs


We match resources to your requirements. For example, we can deploy a clinical research coordinator to manage data entry across studies. That may take 20 hours one week and 10 the next.

Flexible and directed

You can start and stop as needed with resource continuity throughout the duration of your contract.


Because this is a WCG resourcing solution—not a staffing servicewe monitor productivity and performance. Because this is a consultative approach, we are always available to answer questions and make adjustments as needed.


How our clinical research professional can support your site

Whether you need a CRC to do data entry for 10 hours a week for a month, or a Clinical Research Nurse (CRN) to collect and record adverse events across several trials over the next year, we provide the site operational support you need:

Administrative Tasks

Delegate these duties and allow your study team to work at the top of their training

Data Entry & Query Resolution

Eliminate backlogs, respond quickly to questions

Recruitment Acceleration & Enrollment

Identify more patients and enroll them more quickly.

Patient Retention & Management

Deploy highly trained clinical research professionals to cultivate patient relationships and improve retention

Clinical Nursing Support

Turn to WCG CRNs for any of the above, as well as for certain clinical services, including sample collection.

WCG Clinical Research Coordinators and Nurses

Photo of nurse reviewing document and making phone call.

WCG Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC)

WCG CRCs act as a member of your study team, handing key research activities including:

  • Patient Prescreening
  • Chart Review
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Follow-up & Reminder Calls
  • Media Referral Processing
  • Study Education
  • Physician Referral Networking
  • Community Outreach
  • EDC Data Entry
  • Query Resolution

Photo of nurse preparing patient for a blood draw.

WCG Clinical Research Nurse (CRN)

WCG Clinical Research Nurses can provide all WCG CRC services as required, but also specific clinical services:

  • Phlebotomy (peripheral veins only)
  • Non-invasive sample collection (mouth swab, urine, sputum, nasopharyngeal swabs, etc.)
  • Collect and record of basic vital signs
  • Dispensation of oral products
  • Administration of surveys and questionnaires
  • Collection and recording of participant reported adverse events

WCG CRN staff have degrees and licenses including LPN, RN, APRN, NP and PA; the extent of candidate experience, education and
licenses based on scope of services required by your sites.

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