Real-time patient-reported outcomes for seizure disorders

Highly configurable and quick to deploy, WCG’s Electronic Seizure Diary (eDiary) is used to help patients with seizure disorders and their caregivers self-monitor and manage their seizures. WCG is one of two providers selected to develop an eDiary by The Epilepsy Study Consortium (TESC). 

Designed to reduce patient and caregiver burden while improving data quality and accuracy, this system enables patients and caregivers to easily log seizures and identify triggers. It also helps them track medications and appointments and receive customized content on their specific condition.

Improving data collection for each stakeholder

Caregivers and patients have access to self-management tools through their own smart devices, so they benefit from consistent, regular diary use; this, in turn, motivates them to make entries each day. Providers have the latest data, allowing for more effective discussions with and insights into patients. Sponsors gain access to better quality endpoint data, and researchers gain real-time visibility into a patient’s seizure counts. 

BYOD model for faster delivery and better patient adoption.

Provide real-time data to support patients.

Improve endpoint data quality.

Purpose-built by experts for better intel and delivery

Delivered via a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, the eDiary is part of WCG’s broader eCOA solution and can be built and deployed quickly – typically in less than half the time of other providers. Changes can also be made with minimal disruption or delay.

Developed by WCG’s scientific and neurological experts in collaboration with The Epilepsy Study Consortium (TESC), patient, caregivers and other key opinion leaders, the eDiary supports study participants, caregivers, and their healthcare providers in making more informed healthcare decisions based on real-life situations.


Developed in partnership with industry experts

WCG scientific and neurological experts partnered with The Epilepsy Study Consortium (TESC) to develop this eDiary.

Mobile Checkboxes

Quick to deploy

Delivered via a Bring Your Own Device model, the eDiary can be built and deployed in less than half the time as other providers.

Desktop Gears

Highly configurable and flexible

Changes can be made and reflected in the system quickly.

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