Site Contracting

Cut site negotiating cycles by up to 35%, while reducing costs

We combine WCG Clintrax’s focused expertise on clinical study site agreements with the WCG Knowledge Base™ of global contract terms and costs to give you greater contract control, predictability and speed. Our specialized contract attorneys and streamlined process combine to cuts months off the normal contract cycle, and tens of thousands of dollars off typical legal and operational costs for each site.

90% Local attorneys positioned where 90% of Clinical trial research is conducted globally
35% Reduce contract cycle times by 35% in clinical trials
1:1 Dedicated legal counsel assigned to every study

WCG Site Contracting is powered by Clintrax

Some 80% of clinical studies run behind schedule, which can dramatically increase costs and decrease product competitiveness. Removing barriers that are impediments to the study startup process–such as contracting and budget negotiations–ultimately provides greater control, predictability and speed.

Clintrax’s team of experienced attorneys brings the perspective and relationships with virtually every sponsor, CRO and site to eliminate time-consuming negotiations and keep your study on-track for a timely startup.

Unmatched knowledge, expertise and global relationships

We empower you with the experience, expertise, and focus of WCG Clintrax attorneys in 63 countries—where 90% of all clinical research is conducted.  Our team uses proprietary contract templating technology and processes to present your sites with near signature-ready contracts—including both legal and financial terms—virtually eliminating tense, time-consuming negotiations.

In addition, WCG’s unparalleled Knowledge BaseTM of 3,000+ site contracts and budgets gives you access to 95% of all protocols, as well as exhaustive study, site and investigator performance information.

Further, WCG Clintrax brings you the perspective and benefits of its relationships with virtually every sponsor, CRO and clinical trial site worldwide. These connections—and our knowledge of the needs of these stakeholders—helps you develop and maintain cordial, collaborative relations with your sites.

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Speed global site activation, unburden staff and control legal and budget processes

When you engage our Site Contracting services, you immediately have a smoother, faster, and more transparent path to executing agreements.

Data-Driven Negotiation

WCG’s experience and database of historical contracts and budgets covering virtually every indication, investigator and site helps you anticipate site-required terms and costs before you outline an agreement—thus speeding both contract drafting and negotiations

Global Contract Templates

Our library of Clinical Trial Agreement templates for individual sites in 63 countries helps us quickly draft custom contracts that best meet your needs—and those of your sites—as well as adhering to local legal and regulatory provisions.

Contract Progress Monitoring

Our Contract Management System tracks progress on each contract/budgetary negotiation, which allows your clinical and legal team to monitor progress according to disciplined benchmarks in real time.

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