Site Payments

Precision site payments that preserve valued research affiliations

Delayed or inaccurate payments to sites and investigators can cause data slowdowns and costly misunderstandings between study stakeholders.

WCG Clintrax’s Site Payment solution unburdens sponsors and CROs from complex global payment administration while eliminating site payment delays, inaccuracies and friction with valued sites.

WCG Clintrax solves these Site Payment challenges through a combination of clinical study budget and payment expertise, plus a powerful site-payment technology platform that automates most functions and provides instant stakeholder visibility of payment transactions.

Increase site payment accuracy, timeliness and accountability

Clintrax payment services use our mastery of clinical site contracts, budgets, and payments to integrate the three functions into the payment process, which significantly reduces errors often found in traditional, “siloed” clinical research payment practices.

Global Legal Expertise

WCG Clintrax understands and adheres to local legal regulations and customs in more than 60 countries, which ensures sponsor compliance with all relevant requirements.

Site Payment Technology

We use the Medidata’s Edge Site Payments™ technology to incorporate EDC data and automate clinical study payment processes, covering site payment requests, verification, managing complex split payments, and the conversion of payments into scores of global currencies.

Site & Sponsor Management

Our client portal enables robust site payments reporting, expense forecasting, and online access to payment details for sites and sponsors or CROs.

Combine global contract, budget, and payment expertise with the world’s most powerful payment technology

WCG Clintrax’s end-to-end contract, budgeting, and site payment services bring more experience to these processes than any other provider. Our disciplined approach virtually eliminates contract, budgeting, and payment errors.  

WCG Clintrax’s expert staff provides unmatched understanding and global experience in clinical study payments, so you can rely on our execution. In addition, our MediData technology takes the site payments process to new levels timeliness, accuracy and transparency.

It adds up to unequaled protection of your relationship with sites and investigators—as well as your study data. You also have the assurance of full compliance with payment-related regulations, wherever your sites are located.

See how our Site Payment solution can ensure timely and accurate payments: request a consultation.

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