Set up your studies for success from the start

With 50 years of serving sponsors, CROs, institutions and sites, we understand the investments behind getting your study to firstpatient first-visit as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also know one of the biggest challenges is still ahead: industry research shows that 20-25% of studies close because they fail to meet enrollment targets1.

That’s where WCG comes in. Our end-to-end patient recruitment solution helps sites achieve enrollment milestones, on or ahead of schedule. On average, we’re helping our partners save two months in patient recruitment and screening time2.

Delivering the right patients, sites and data for your study

WCG’s patient engagement services are designed to accomplish three specific objectives for our clients:

Patient engagement solutions based on deep data and proven processes

Our patient engagement solutions are backed by proven methods, our deep knowledge base of industry site enrollment performance, and our on-the-ground site support. From the start, our experts are in “listen mode,” and we package and tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of your study.

Why choose WCG for patient enrollment?

There are many reasons sponsors, CROs, institutions and sites choose to engage WCG at study start-up or to boost enrollment of existing clinical trials. Here are a few commons ones:

Data modeling that drives intelligent decisions

We use historic site performance data from the WCG Knowledge BaseTM and our proprietary modeling technology to guide study recruitment strategies. This means you’ll know the likelihood to reaching enrollments with your sites’ patient population and processing efficiency, and be ready with a contingency plan if needed.

Faster study enrollment startup

Our proprietary processes give you the ability to configure an end-to-end global recruitment campaign in minutes. Plus, the WCG Knowledge Base and our strong relationships with Academic Medical Centers give you immediate global reach into a large pool of patients with pre-screener information.

Higher-quality study outcome data

WCG helps you maximize data quality and improve signal detection by producing standardized assessments across all studies. You’re also able to minimize variability, flag potential discrepancies, and assure quality by using our expert raters to conduct remote or live assessments.

Benchmark your study enrollment performance

Interested to know how the patient enrollment of your current or past studies compares to your peers?

Complete the form to schedule a consultation with WCG. We’ll share benchmark data from the WCG Knowledge Base, analyze your results, and share some of the common practices of top performers.

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