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WCG is built upon a 50-year legacy of ethical review, growing to what is today a suite of clinical services and technologies that maximize speed and efficiency for those who perform clinical trials.

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WCG’s solutions are built on a foundation of best-in-class clinical services companies

Today, WCG delivers transformational solutions that stimulate growth, foster compliance, and maximize efficiency for those who perform clinical trials.

WCG is proud to serve the individuals on the frontlines of science and medicine, and the organizations that strive to develop new products and therapies to improve the quality of human health. It is our role to empower them to accelerate advancement, while ensuring that the risks of progress never outweigh the value of human life.

4,000 employees located around the world
50yrs of leadership in ethical review
3,300 institutional and academic medical center partners

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Study Planning & Site Optimization

Patient Engagement

Scientific & Regulatory Review

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Our Mission and Core Values

It is the mission of the WIRB-Copernicus Group® (WCG) to provide the people who perform clinical trials with the highest quality of services to accelerate the scientific advancement of human health, while ensuring that the risks of progress never outweigh the value of human life.

  • Empower

    our clients to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in the performance of clinical trials.

  • Exceed

    traditional standards of ethics, quality, and regulatory compliance, and inspire others to do the same.

  • Drive

    the industry to adopt innovative processes that improve the protection of research subjects.

  • Build

    a world-class organization that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Coming together to pioneer the future of clinical studies

Hailing from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, we come together to achieve a singular mission – the transformation of an industry. We believe that the richness of our individual backgrounds enables us to tackle our clients' most difficult challenges. We rely on one another to provide unique and thoughtful contributions to the design of every solution.

WCG Knowledge Base

The industry’s single source of truth

Our clients and partners are accelerating their clinical trial timelines thanks to the WCG Knowledge Base: the industry’s most comprehensive database of trial and site performance, including 90% of all industry sponsored protocols. This powerful data drives intelligent decisions in each phase of the clinical trial.


WCG Knowledge Base report

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With WCG, Merck is able to identify sites for participation within 3 days, with feasibility response rates of over 80%.

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The WCG Safety Portal has saved Roche $250 million over the past five years.

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