Participant Enrollment

Enroll identified participants through a streamlined engagement process.

Locating participants marks just the start of the journey. Ensuring ongoing engagement presents another challenge.

WCG’s dedicated Clinical Research Professionals seamlessly integrate with your study teams. We are dedicated to actively engaging participants, ensuring they are informed, empowered, and valued throughout your entire study.

From initial pre-screening to providing study details, our team evaluates qualifications and maintains interest through consistent interaction. Once an individual is identified there are numerous touch points including prescreening, engaging, and scheduling potential participants. Some of which will require multiple phone calls and messages before an office visit can be scheduled. Dedicating time to effectively engage each potential participant at the site-level is a critical consideration to the success of the study’s enrollment.


Referral Processing Support Increases Enrollment by 30% for LSD Anxiety Study


A mid-sized biotech conducting a Phase II generalized anxiety study turned to WCG for enrollment support when they began to fall behind on participant recruitment.


WCG collaborated with the sponsor to determine study goals and creative branding expectations. A tailored media outreach campaign was implemented and supported by a customized study website with user-friendly pre-screener. 

To ensure each referral was properly pre-screened, WCG’s dedicated CRC team contacted interested participants within 24 hours—reducing the burden on sites receiving unqualified referrals. Additionally, WCG worked closely with participants and sites to efficiently manage appointment scheduling and reminders.  

Referral metrics were tracked through WCG’s secure study management portal, My Patient®, providing the sponsor and sites visibility of the recruitment process 24/7.


WCG deployed a cohesive, branded recruitment strategy 10 days ahead of plan, generating an influx of referral responses. WCG facilitated remote media referral processing support to 17 of the 21 sites.

  • The first consent was identified by WCG within 14 days of campaign launch
  • The sites supported increased their total consents by 36%
  • The sites support increased their total enrollments by 30%

Recruitment Funnel Data:

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